Jeong Lab


PI: Haewon Jeong

Assistant Professor, UCSB ECE

Co-director of REAL AI 🦾

📧 first name at ucsb dot edu

💼 Harold Frank Hall 3161

🎓 Ph.D @ Carnegie Mellon University

🎓 B.Eng @ KAIST

Our Lab News (Jun ‘24) PI Jeong is named as a 2024-2025 Hellman Fellow. (May ‘24) Our amazing undergrad researcher Iain presented a poster on “Coded Computing for Fault-Tolerant Parallel QR Decomposition” at SIAM Linear Algebra 2024 🇫🇷 (Apr ‘24) Jin’s first paper on “Coded Computing Meets Quantum Circuit Simulation: Coded Parallel Tensor Network Contraction Algorithm” got accepted to ISIT 2024 🥳 Full paper here. (Apr ‘24) PI Jeong received the prestigious NSF CAREER Award! See this article to learn more about the project.


Our lab’s mission is to do science for machine learning and machine learning for science. We advance our fundamental understanding of machine learning algorithms and we apply data-driven approaches to solve challenging scientific problems. Specifically, our lab’s research centers around three research themes: reliable computing for ML, responsible AI, and ML for science. See below for more information about each theme.

Keywords: Machine Learning, Responsible AI, Algorithmic Fairness, Generative Models, Information Theory, Differential Privacy, Distributed Computing, Fault-tolerant Computing, Quantum Computing, ML for Science

Research Themes


S’24 Lab Dinner 🌮
S’24 Lab Dinner 🌮